How Web3 is the future & why you need Fanfire.

2 min readFeb 11, 2022


As the next evolution of the Internet, Web 3 has a lot to offer.

Let’s take a step back. We all know of ‘Web 1’. Web 1 was based on simple, one dimensional websites made for reading. A good example is a Wikipedia page. Web 2 built on this and enabled people to go beyond ‘reading’, to actually write [in the form of posting, publishing, sharing].

Web3 uses all of this and adds a layer of ownership [ever heard or NFTs?] and engagement — the type of engagement we could only dream of 10 years (check out Meta’s Metaverse Keynote!).

Web3 is still, however, at a stage where it is very complicated, esoteric and hard to understand. Fanfire firmly believes we are at the start of a major revolution in the way the web works, and in the way that companies are going to work.

Fanfire’s mission is to assists these innovative companies that want to harness the power of this new technology to cross the chasm and move into the 4th industrial revolution.

We are only scraping the surface of what Web3 can (and will) become.

Alongside our mission, we are absolutely convinced that Web3 will intrinsically reshape many aspects of the world. However, Web3 is simply too complex than it needs to be, and way to difficult to use.

To a lot of people, Google and the internet are the same thing. What matters is not that these people are technically incorrect, but that there is significance in the misconception. Much like how the spread of ideas are directly linked to its comprehensibility, the adoption of new technology depends on its ease of use. Web3’s architecture is powered by novel, and very powerful concepts, and technologies.

And this is where smart product and design come in. Cue Fanfire.

Fanfire wants to ‘democratise’ Web3 technology. Allowing everyday people to enjoy and make use of the benefits of Web3, involves as much excellent engineering as that which made a Silicon Valley search engine synonymous with the entire Internet. If not more.

Only by motivating exploration, reducing complexity, adding value, and explicitly demonstrating utility, can the next billion Web3 users be onboarded. It requires astounding levels of innovation. And of course leek product design.

The type of intuitive product and design virtuosity you receive from partnering with Fanfire.

Fanfire will be your partner; not only because we understand Web3 so well, but because we understand your business.




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