Fanfire: NFT Marketplace Supports Fiat Payment with Full On-chain Transactions

2 min readApr 8, 2022


Strijdom van der Merwe has gained global renown for his land art that he creates with materials found on site. His work, coined the “impossible artform” for its difficulty in monetisation, makes a statement about our relationship with the land and is informed by an open dialogue with sites and spaces.

As the highly successful launch of Strijdom’s 52 Collection at the Rupert Museum in Stellenbosch saw all 10 initial ‘Launch Collection’ NFTs sell out, focus shifted to the platform that made it all possible.

Fanfire provides solutions for artists, athletes and businesses who recognise the opportunities presented by the third-generation web (“Web3”) — such as cryptographic tokens, web wallets, and loyalty economies. However, one interesting unresolved challenge plague the Web3 space — simple fiat onboarding.

Alongside the company’s mission, Fanfire is absolutely convinced that Web3 will reshape many aspects of the world, but that Web3 is simply too complex than it needs to be, and way to difficult to use.

Fanfire believes the adoption of new technology depends on its ease of use.

With the launch of the 52 Collection, Fanfire’s platform enable anyone to buy and own an NFT using either Web3 functionality (Web3 wallets and cryptocurrency) or ‘Web2’ methods of payment, such as credit card transactions. The eureka moment is that Web2 functionality is paired with complete on-chain transaction history.

For an introduction to the Fanfire Marketplace, watch the demo below:

More about Strijdom’s 52 Collection here:

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