Fanfire provides solutions for artists, athletes and businesses who recognise the opportunities presented by the third-generation web (“Web3”), such as cryptographic tokens, web wallets, and loyalty economies.

The team has worked with a diverse range of partners such as the Cell C Sharks rugby franchise and Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary to create new Web3 engagement strategies, and is also involved in digitizing the ownership and trade of collectible wines.

Fanfire is part of Alphawave, a leading technology group consisting of businesses with products and services that are hard to replicate. The group is headquartered in Stellenbosch and applies South Africa’s signature high-innovation-low-cost creativity to concepts with world-wide application.

The company is led by the former Research Chair in IoT at Stellenbosch University (who co-founded Custos, an InfoSec blockchain company, in 2013). It is chaired by an industry veteran who has led two JSE-listed companies, and has decades of experience in technology, entertainment and consumer businesses.

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